Tall Dog Electronics’ Korg wavestate, opsix, and modwave desktop mod is now on Kickstarter

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Tall Dog Electronics is working on a case mod that turns the Korg modwave, opsix, and wavestate into slim desktop synths. 

UPDATE: This is not a premature Korg announcement for the Superbooth 23, nor am I breaking an NDA; this is still the fascinating desktop mod from Tall Dog Electronics for the Korg wavestate, opsix, and modwave.

The Kickstarter campaign for the mods started late yesterday evening. Now there are also good photos of the conversions and a detailed video tutorial on turning your synth into a desktop unit. It’s super simple and reversible at any time.

Korg wavestate desktop mod

At $164 early-bird and $174 after that, this conversion is not cheap, but it transforms the wavestate, opsix and modwave into much nicer, space-saving synths. Plus, you can play them with better keyboards that have velocity, aftertouch, or even poly aftertouch.


Article March 21st, 2023

Korg has had a particular focus on affordable analog synthesizers in recent years. The monologue, minilogue, minilogue xd, and prologue. Not to forget the volca series. Then in 2020, Korg introduced the wavestate, the first modern digital Synthesizer in a long time. The innovative opsix FM synth and the modwave wavetable/sample sequencing followed in 2021 and 2022.

Three exciting digital synthesizers with deep engines. However, many users prefer desktop versions because of the plastic case and the “wobbly” keyboard. Also noted in my opsix review. But there is hope. A developer has created a desktop conversion kit for Korg’s digital synth lineup.

Korg modwave mod

Korg Modwave, Opsix, and Wavestate Mod

Tall Dog Electronics has developed a desktop conversion kit that converts Korg instruments into slim, space-saving desktop synths, without soldering and with an option to reverse it into a keyboard version.

Korg Modwave opsix Wavestate

Eric Crawley shared this post on Facebook:

The Korg modwave, wavestate, and opsix are wonderful synths powered by the same Rasberry Pi processor but only offer a 3-octave keyboard in a lightweight plastic chassis. Dan from Tall-Dog Electronics designed a very nice slim aluminum desktop enclosure for the series. They can be VESA mounted and have threaded holes on each side for wood side panels or brackets to attach multiple units together.
The desktop conversion kit is nearly ready for orders. This DIY conversion kit involves no soldering and is reversible in that the synth can be put back into the original plastic chassis with the keyboard if desired.
Please look at the google doc link in the first comment to provide feedback on the remaining issues and add yourself to the list to be notified when the orders are opened.

Korg modwave opsix wavestate

The idea is clever and great because you don’t break the keyboard case. That way you can easily undo it. I still hope that Korg will release desktop versions of its synths soon. Many would like that. And also to see the engines in better “premium” housings with aluminum and better keybeds. This upcoming desktop mods looks neat, even if it’s not cheap.

Korg mod wavestate

The new mod for the Korg modwave, opsix, and wavestate will be available soon. The developers expect a price of $159 for the first 50 backers, and $179 for all additional backers.

More information here: Tall Dog Electronics  Kickstarter

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  1. This is great. I love the Opsix but I often wished it had the form factor of the Digitone. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great idea. Owning a Wavestate, i was always wondering, if there is possibility to change the plastic case for a metal one (or heavier plastic). If they sell also a case for the keyboard version one day, i will buy it. 🙂

  3. It really looks better. Korg didnt do themselves a favor making the synths look so cheap and uniform with the kind of same coloured enclosures and plastic. Since the opsix is arlready available for 500, I guess it was not a big seller. I tried the opsix and it is great how they managed to make it so easily programmable but I just cant get over synths that dont look and feel good. I am someone who doesnt use synths too often to make music and if I use a synth it should look and feel good 🙂

    • Exactly, when you look at synths such as the modal Argon 8 or Cobalt 8 which are in a similar price range (at least here in the uk) they have a far more premium build quality, a much better keyboard, and they offer desktop modules as well.
      I’m hoping Argon will produce an FM synth to rival the opsix, something with a similar sound but the modal build quality would be great.

      • I was an early adopter of both the Wavestate and Cobalt 8, and though priced exactly the same in the US at the time, the difference in curb appeal and quality could not be over stated. Korg did themselves a disservice with the overall aesthetic, low build quality and relatively premium price of the WS, MW and Opsix. By comparison, it’s shocking that Modal can produce such a premium feeling instrument and sell it for the same street price despite being a much smaller company.

        • I really want to like the OpSix, from what I’ve heard of it and the 2 minutes of trying one out the sound is really good, and not something I really have at the moment, but I’ve been slightly spoiled by owning an argon8 and a cobalt8M, which makes the OpSix a no go for me at that price.

  4. Shame on Korg for not doing this themselves, with what would have probably been better build quality and would not have voided the warranty.

    • Why would you voided the warranty ?
      “The process is also fully reversible, so you can return the unit to its original keyboard enclosure if needed”.

      • Warranties are when any modification of original OEM specified equipment is made to any device by any manufacturer unless it is authorised by said manufacturer. And any attempt to return this instrument to its original state would still most likely compromise stickers and tamper proof labels that would void the remainder of the warranty.

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