Recovery Effects The Mystic, an experimental drone FM Synthesizer

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Explore wild, harmonic-rich soundscapes with the Recovery Effects The Mystic, a new experimental drone FM Synthesizer. 

I’m a fan of experimental synths. I can do much with these designs and love using such instruments to create wild sounds. One reason why every year I make a list of the best experimental synth releases of the year on the Synth Anatomy website. In preparation for this year’s list, I’ve noticed that 2022 has been a rather quiet year.

Why, no idea. There may be more people who like conventional synths than wild, unpredictable noise boxes. But there is hope that the year will end well. The US-based pedal and module manufacturer Recovery Effects has recently introduced a new FM drone synth.

Recovery Effects The Mystic

Recovery Effects The Mystic

The Mystic is a new portable experimental Synthesizer with a digital FM core. It contains 2 operator voices, 2 modulators, and an analog-style echo.  Operation is very simple and hands-on. No menus, and everything has a knob.

There are 9 different knobs on the interface. It starts on the left with carrier frequency and modulator control for both operator voices. The Modulator affects here both voices at the same time. Then, you get a knob that controls the modulation rate.

The built-in analog-style echo can also be easily set on the interface using the controls: delay time, feedback, and mix. It can generate timbres with up to 500ms of delay time. That should be enough to shoot any FM sound into spherical worlds. On the far right, you also get volume control over the complete sound.

Recovery Effects The Mystic

In addition, you can lead the Mystic parameters into the modular world with the dedicated CV sockets available in the upper third of the synth. There is a CV socket for each synth parameter with which you can massively expand the sound spectrum. Sounds can be fired with a thick button in the middle

It’s a pity that the corners that have been pimped up optically don’t have any function. At first, I thought it would be expressive touch fields which would be very exciting.

According to Recovery Effects, The Mystic can generate ethereal voices swirl, echo, ascend, and more. So everything that makes a lot of noise. And in combination with the built-in delay and modular synths, you can lead your noisescapes into cosmic, experimental fields.

This looks like a very intriguing FM drone Synthesizer. For many musicians, the synth will probably be too limited in its versatility. But if you are looking for a fun drone box based on FM synthesis that can be expanded using Eurorack patching, this could be something for you.

Recovery Effects The Mystic is available soon for $279 USD.

More information here: Recovery Effects 

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