Expert Sleepers squeezes 4 independent MI Braids into the disting EX firmware 1.17

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Big update for the Expert Sleepers Super disting EX: the new firmware 1.17 brings 4 independent MI Braids macro oscillators. 

Emile Gillet recently announced the end of Mutable Instruments. With this major step, a terrific, talented developer has left the music industry who has constantly enriched the Synthesizer market with her ideas. With her left a plethora of modules that were unique, creative, and innovative.

Ultimately, we are left with the hardware designs and the codes. Emilie Gillet has made her products open-source thus, they will stay with us forever. Open source also means copies of the products can be made, or the codes can be used in other products.

Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.17

Braids, the father of the Plaits macro oscillator, has landed in a popular, powerful multi-function module. And not just in a single instance.

Expert Sleepers Disting EX Firmware 1.17

Andrew Ostler aka Os did it again. He has once again massively expanded the Super Disting EX in the new firmware 1.17. This time with a port of the Mutable Instruments Braids macro oscillator. And not as a single instance version but with up to four independent instances simultaneously. So you can turn the disting EX into a quattro Braids.

Each Braids instance has the same feature set as the original module and comes with the same excellent oscillator algorithms. Including classics (CS-80 style sawtooth…), unique digital models (comb-filtered sawtooth, band-limited dual pulse train, circuit-bend sawtooth, harmonic oscillator…), physical and percussive models (plucked string, bowed string…), wavetables, and different noise sources.

Don’t forget, the Braids also has VCA and envelopes built in, allowing it to be used as a standalone synth voice.

Besides the quattro Braids infusion, the new firmware 1.17 allows deriving the multi FX algorithm’s delay times from an input clock. Plus, Os added a new latching option to the button mappings.

Wow, Magic Os from Expert Sleepers gives all Disting EX users a huge Christmas present with this update. Thanks for this addition and all update in 2022.

The new Expert Sleepers disting EX 1.17 firmware update is available now as a free download for existing customers. The module is out now for 399€/$399 USD.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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