Rob Papen Explorer 8, new Blue III Synthesizer and RevSane algorithm reverb with a twist

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Rob Papen has published Explorer 8 bundle adding Blue III, a major upgrade for its cross-fusion Synthesizer, and RevSane a new algorithm reverb.

In bundles, software developers bundle their plugins into one big package, often with price advantages compared to single purchases. One of the well-known bundles is the Native Instruments KOMPLETE, which is already in version 14.

When it comes to Synthesizer dominated packages, Rob Papen’s Explorer bundle is one of those that have been on the market for the longest time. With Explorer 8, Rob has just published a new version of its huge synth + effects collection.

Rob Papen Explorer 8

Rob Papen Explorer 8

The new Explorer 8 comes with a total of 30 different plugins, including 12 synthesizers, 3 drum machines, a guitar virtual instrument, 11 creative effect processors, two mixing & mastering plugins, and Prisma host.

In Explorer 8 two new plugins have been added. First, Rob and his developer have updated its cross-fusion Synthesizer Blue to version 3 and added a new reverb effect with a twist.

BLUE III Synthesizer

BLUE III is the continuation of the Blue II cross-fusion Synthesizer plugin. Cross-fusion because it combines subtractive with FM synthesis in a very fascinating way since 2005. But that’s not all it can do. A lot of syntheses have been added in recent years, making Blue a very powerful, unique synth. Now we welcome Blue III with many features that expands its sonic capability once again.

On the synthesis side, BLUE III remains true to its original concept. In Version 3, they added their own take on Karplus Strong String Model Synthesis. A concept that can generate sounds that goes in the direction of physical modeling. Very organic and clear. Then, you can benefit from new waveforms and sample content in the oscillators and you can now load up to 6 samples inside each preset. There are also new filters, which are not communicated.

Rob Papen Blue III

The developers have also given BLUE III a complete GUI makeover, which comes in various sizes. That was very necessary. They also added a new mappable XY panel on the front panel with which you can play the synth more expressively. According to Rob, the audio engine has received DNA from our virtual analog synthesizer B.I.T. resulting in unsurpassed audio quality.

Content side, like all other Rob Papen Plugins, BLUE III remains very impressive. It ships with over 5000 presets by Rob and well-known sound designers.


In addition to BLUE III, there is also a new reverb effect processor with a twist. RevSane is a new algorithmic reverb effect plugin that takes you to the 4th dimension. It is capable to create rich reverb sounds that fit your tracks. But it can do more unique stuff.

Besides the usual parameters (size, length…), it features the Disrupt Sphere. It’s a horizontal slider that controls the flow of the reverb parameters resulting in unique special effects. You can dynamically change spaces without manipulating and recording tons of parameters. Here you also move the slider.

Rob Papen RevSane Explorer 8

RevSane also comes with advanced early and late reflection sections that can be routed before or into it. Further, you can work with a fuzz distortion for adding crispiness and juice to it.

Additionally, it has an audio follower that includes side-chain control of the parameters, even for controlling the ‘Disrupt Sphere’ itself. The results that RevSane produces sound interesting and much more lively than what you are used to from classic reverbs.

Rob Papen Explorer 8 is available now for an introductory price of 374€/$ (reg. 499€/$). Upgrades from previous versions are also available starting at 99€/$. Free upgrade for all customers who bought EX9 after the 1st of August 2022. The plugins are also available individually: BLUE III for 111€/$ instead of 149€/$ and RevSane for 36€/$ instead of 49€$.

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