Reason 12, new beta finally adds VST3 support and Black Friday sale

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Reason Studios has published a new Reason 12 beta finally with VST3 support and they announced a Black Friday sale. 

Reason 12 is the latest version of Reason Studio’s best-known modular DAW. The most exciting thing about Reason is the rack with which you can use the built-in instruments, effects, or even rack extensions also in other DAWs as a plugin. So a modular instrument and effects hosts based on the Reason engine.

However, the DAW and plugin are imperfect, and some missing core features caused a lot of frustration in the community. Among other things, the missing native Apple Silicon support and the VST3 plugin standard. A new beta is a ray of hope on the Reason horizon.

Reason 12 VST3

Reason 12 Beta VST3

The new beta is now available for testing. It doesn’t include any massive new features but one that the entire Reason community will be excited about. It introduces VST3 support allowing musicians to host VST3 instruments and effects plugins in Reason 12.

If that took a long time and good to see that they added VST3 to the Reason DAW. As a reminder, the Reason Rack plugin has been available with VST3 since its official release.

Black Friday Sale

Reason Studios has also announced their Black Friday Sale 2022 with some good deals. You can choose between a 50% OFF Reason+ annual subscription or a 50% OFF Reason+ for the first 6 months. So you get the annual Reason+ subscription for 99€ instead of 199€.

Plus, you can save 30% OFF on the Reason 12 perceptional license and Reason 12 upgrade during Black Friday.

Finally, you can save up to 80% OFF on Reason and third-party Rack Extensions for a limited time.


Reason Studios Reason 12 Beta with VST3 support is available now. The Black Friday sale prices are valid until midnight on November 28th, 2022.

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    • Well wrong: it’s $100 per year if you always make it during Black Friday. Alternatively, Reason is also available with classic license without sub

  1. I have reason 12. I noticed that the beta vst3 update is out now. Does reason automatically upgrade reason 12 to the vst3 version? How do I update my reason 12 to the version that will allow my daw to process vst3 instruments?

    • You need to be in the beta testing group to get it now. Otherwise you have to wait until they publish the official release candidate

  2. Thanks for the reply!
    How do I get into the group? Does the Beta version update and sync with my current version of Reason 12?

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