LFO Store Cosmos, new multi-layer sounds for Waldorf Quantum and Iridium

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LFO Store has released Cosmos, a new patch library packed with new multi-layered sounds for the Waldorf Quantum and Iridium synthesizers. 

The Waldorf Quantum, Iridium, and Iridium Keyboard are powerful synthesizers packed with synthesis power. At first, this abundance of creative tools can overwhelm you. Presets with which you can play immediately or discover the engine are very helpful here.

The instruments are delivered with many factory sounds made by best-known sound designers. If that is not enough, you can use third-party libraries. There is a new one from LFO Store made in collaboration with patch designer Otto K. Schwarz.

LFO Store Cosmos

Cosmos ships with 52 newly designed multi-layered presets, including 32 pads + atmospheres, 10 Arps, 10 leads, and 6 plucks. The sound designers used the synthesis power of the Waldorf Iridium/Quantum and built the patches using various syntheses. This goes from pure synthesis to deep manipulation of samples.

The library includes 50MB of samples (.wav files) for the presets.

Moving wavetable synthesis combined with unique granulation and resonance technologies, the use of the Kernel method and live-recorded samples.

Then, each presets has different modulation targets like modwheel, velocity, aftertouch, and others. According to the designers, the library is useful for ambient music, cinematic soundtracks, modern electronics, and EDM. An interesting library for anyone looking for new sounds for their Waldorf flagship synth.

LFO Store Cosmos for Waldorf Iridium/Quantum is available now for $22 USD.

More information here: LFO Store 

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