Xils Lab XILS 4 v1.6 adds new high-resolution interface, M1 support and more

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Xils Lab has released a major update for its EMS VCS3 emulation VCS4, a free update with a new high-resolution interface, M1 support, and more.

The EMS VCS3 is a legendary matrix analog synthesizer. Developed by Peter Zinovieff, it is still one of the most popular synthesizers when it comes to experimental music. So popular that there will be a replica at an affordable price in the near future. T

The synth has also been replicated in software several times. One of the most popular is that of XILS Lab. With the XILS 4, the developer has taken the whole concept further. It emulates a prototype that was never released, basically an EMS VCS3 on steroids. Two VCS3 cores plus a 256 step analog-style poly sequencer. Good news: The plugin is nicer and clearer in the free update 1.6.

Xils Lab XILS v1.6

Xils Lab XILS 4 v1.6

XILS 4 v1.6 is a free update for all existing XILS 4 users. It mainly brings a big visual boost to the plugin. Version 1.6 introduces a new easier and faster-to-use high-resolution graphical user interface (GUI). I have to agree with the developer on that. The old GUI was very nerdy and difficult to use.

Then, it comes with a tune functionality that allows you to set easy A3 reference settings. Xavier of Xils Lab also added VST3 compatibility and native Apple M1 support. So, users of Apple Silicon computers can benefit from better performances. Of course, the update also fixes various annoying bugs.

As a bonus, users can now explore new factory presets from Nicolas Jaussaud, Daniel Stawczyk, EmptyVessel.

A nice update for the Xils Lab VCS3 emulation.

Xils Lab XILS 4 v1.6 is available now as a free update for existing XILS 4 users. The plugins XILS 3 and XILS 4 are on sale with a 40% OFF discount. There is also a special upgrade off available for 29€ for XILS 3 users.

More information here: Xils Lab 

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  1. With licensing tighter than a gnat’s bum these may or may not be awesome plugins but I could never consider something so restrictive.
    Take a look at U-he’s, Cockos’ or Melda’s licensing. Now they know how to treat their customers with respect. And clearly piracy has not impeded their business models. They’ve been in the business for years, growing and growing.

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