Weston Precision Audio 2V2, new dual analog oscillator with through-zero FM

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Weston Precision Audio 2V2 is a new dual analog oscillator for Eurorack with through-zero FM, sync and more.

Is there a wave of new dual analog VCOs coming our way? Well, maybe. Over the last weekend, Make Noise presented the XPO, a new dual analog stereo oscillator with an innovative feature.

Now the US-based company Weston Precision Audio also shows a new dual analog VCO module.

Weston Precision Audio 2V2

Weston Precision Audio 2V2

2V2 is a new dual analog triangle-core-based VCO in a 16HP Eurprack package. The module comes in the classic WPA design with the distinctive yellow knobs I like very much. Very simple, good layout but can still stand out from the module crowd.

You get two identical analog VCOs with individual sine, triangle, pulse, sawtooth, and sub-octave square outputs. Each oscillator also comes with manual pulse-width control as well as PWM inputs. There are also sync options allowing you to sync the right VCO to the left with hard or soft sync.

The highlight is the option to modulate each oscillator with exponential or through-zero linear FM. Alternatively, you can switch each oscillator to LFO mode. with a simple press of a button. Located directly next to the coarse knob of each oscillator.

Further, each oscillator has an envelope input and a 1v/octave input, allowing you to use them separately. According to Weston Precision Audio, the new 2V2 dual analog oscillator is a great compact module for polyphonic racks, multi-voice setups, or analog FM algorithms.

An exciting new dual analog oscillator from Weston Precision. So far, there are no sound demos. I’m curious how the module sounds.

Weston Precision Audio 2V2 is available soon for 274€

More information here: Weston Precision Audio

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