SampleScience Retro Cazio, free virtual instrument plugin with Casio MT-100 sounds

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SampleScience Retro Cazio:  free virtual instrument plugin for macOS and Windows that brings back the sounds of the Casio MT-100 toy keyboard. 

Free plugin alert. For the new release from SampleScience, we travel back to the 80s to the lo-fi Casio toy keyboards. The MT-100 was a digital accompaniment keyboard that used the NEC D931 sound ship to generate its digital sound. It featured 20 classic-oriented sounds including organ, flute, trumpet, oboe, electric piano… as well as 12 rhythms (rock, pop, disco…)

Like many things from the past, these lo-fi toy keyboards including the MT-100 are very popular among electronic musicians today. Sample Science captured the sounds and melted them into a free plugin.

SampleScience Retro Cazio

SampleScience Retro Cazio

Retro Cazio is a sample-based virtual instrument plugin that uses samples from the vintage Casio toy keyboard MT-100 from 1985.  According to SampleScience, they have sampled the sounds from the MT-100 using high-end recording equipment.

20 retro toy sounds and a drum kit made it into the final Retro Cazio plugin. The samples are embedded in a plugin with an easy-to-use user interface. Then, you will find various tone-shaping parameters with which you can refine your sounds. There are lowpass/highpass filters, panning, a reverb, an ADSR envelope for the amp, pre-amp, glide, and a multi-wave LFO.

Further, the plugin offers three different playing modes including monophonic, legato, and polyphonic.

SampleScience Retro Cazio is available now as a free download and runs as a 64-bit VST, VST3, and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: SampleScience 

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