AccSone Crusher-X 9, advanced granular Synthesizer plugin got a major upgrade

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AccSone is expanding its innovative granular Synthesizer plugin Crusher-X in version 9 again sonically with umpteen new inspiring features

Granular is a synthesis that inspires me from the first minute. It is often used by sound designers and musicians to create complex drones, textures… But if you dive deeper into this technique, you will see that granular is more than just textures.

How developers approach the technology is also interesting. There are very simple granular processors with a few knobs, but also some that try to offer every detail. Mainly to give music makers all options. AccSone with its Crusher-X synthesizer does just that.

accSone Crusher-X 9

It is a very advanced granular processor with very deep features. Where many plugins only scratch the surface, Crusher-X goes clearly into the matter. It’s a paradise for granular lovers. AccSone just recently publish version 9 of Crusher-X with many new features including VST3 and Apple M1 support.

The new upgrade is huge and to keep this article as compact as possible I’m just going to scratch the surface of this release.

AccSone Crusher-X 9

Crusher-X 9 can do a lot of what other granular synthesizers can do. But it also has umpteen features that are unique and can only be found here. One invention is the Grain Life-Time (GLT) system that lets you create and control granulated percussions sounds. This concept has been expanded in version 9 with the ability to control the lifetime of each grain with a full modulation set.

Also new is a new additional sidechain input for more grain modulation options and this can also be used as a source for the grain-controlled oscillators. Then, you can a very inspiring grain-controlled MIDI (GCM) functionality that lets your external MIDI device create the gains according to the Crusher-X grain mod algorithms. In easy, it’s a grain to MIDI note generator.

The grain modulation section also got a major upgrade. It now comes with two global modulation matrices (GMMs) with each 4 modulation slots that will raise your mod capabilities to the next level. The age of the current grains is also now available as a modulation source in the G-Life (GLT System). This enables you to create unbelievable Grain Percussion streams developing over time. And the same G-Life modulation now has a Scanner modulation source for each step or spline.

More Features

Further, you get VST3 as well as full Apple M1 support. And a whole range of other features:

  • automatic gain normalization on every loaded file to get the best result out of it
  • Atmos bed 7.2.1 surround channel mode and two additional that improves surround channel mapping for DAWs like Logic (5.1 Logic and 7.1 SDDS Logic)
  • Grain launch counter indicator on Adore Panel
  • UI Keyboard enablement for non-pitched MIDI modes
  • 4 new GCO Modes: Clean Live Granulator Input,  Live Granulator Input with GCO ring modulation, Clean Sidechain, Sidechain with GCO ring modulation
  • new factory sound content
  • bug fixes and improvements
  • and more.

Another massive update for the Crusher-X, the “Rolls Royce” among the granular Synthesizer plugins. It’s not a free upgrade, but there are tons of new features that do justice to this update.

AccSone Crusher-X 9 is available now for 289€ incl. VAT. Existing customers can upgrade/crossgrade for 99€.

More information here: AccSone

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