GFI System Orca Delay, Hands-On Pedal With 4 Clock­work Delay Algorithms

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GFI System Orca packs four beloved Clockwork Delay algorithms into a new compact pedal that is hands-on and easy-to-use. 

The GFI System Clockwork Delay Pedal is also very popular with synthesizer players. This has 7 very inspiring delay algorithms that add value to every synthesizer, regardless of whether super affordable or high-end.

According to the manufacturer, the Clockwork Delay v3 is discontinued. But there is a successor called Orca with fewer algorithms, more compact format, and with a clearly user-friendly interface.

GFI System Orca Delay

GFI System Orca Delay

The Orca is a studio-quality multi-mode, stereo digital delay. Like the Skylar Reverb, the Orca is also based on a well-known delay pedal. It features four delay algorithms from the Clockwork Delay pedal: digital, tape, diffuse, and ambiental. These are infused into a pedal that focuses on hands-on and easy control.

There are four knobs on the interface: time, repeats, level, and modes. Also here are the knobs pressure switches. By pressing and turning them, you can access the secondary parameters of the pedal. Then with the fourth knob, you can set other functions (subdivision…) and assign the two presets slots.

Two footswitches are available, one for turning the effect on/off and tap tempo. The second for the presets and engages the momentary ramp effect. On the backside, you have input/output jacks on TRS for stereo operations. The external jack can accept either expression or tap tempo input.

At first glance a great-sounding stereo pedal. It is not a complete delay workstation like the Clockwork Delay, but it offers interesting algorithms that will inspire you for a long time. Again, it’s a shame that there are no synthesizer demos.

GFI System Orca Delay is available now for $199 USD

More information here: GFI System 

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