K-Devices Shaper 2, Modular Multi-FX Plugin For Sonic Distortions

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K-Devices Shaper 2, the well-known modular multi-fx audio destroyer app for iOS is now available as an updated plugin version for macOS and Windows

Many music producers who work with Ableton Live know K-Devices from France. The developer became known for its very sophisticated Max For Live devices. A few years ago they ventured into the plugin world. First, there was an AUv3 app called Shaper for iOS, later two experimental plugins for Windows & Mac, TTAP & WOV.

The plugin section has now been expanded by another. One that some know in a different form. Shaper 2 is a further development of the beloved Shaper audio destroyer app for iOS with some new features and interface. It is not known whether app users will also be able to benefit from the new version in the future. I hope so.

K-Devices Shaper 2

K-Devices Shaper 2

Shaper 2 is a multi-fx plugin that combines a waveshaper with a multi-fx processor.  It is a special kind of multi-effects processor that can destroy your sounds or enrich them classically with additional harmonics. The plugin offers four freely-assignable slots for processors. The possibility of re-arranging these in any order you like makes the plugin very flexible and versatile.

It includes a glitch gate now with a smooth parameter, waveshapers, transform modules and a resonator. You can choose from these:

  • glitch gate 
  • waveshaper (muffin, multistress, cracker, s&m, and bits&samps)
  • transform module (clip, wrap, fold, and sFold)
  • resonator is a short delay that can act as a comb filter as well

New In Version 2

The new version of Shaper also adds a handy lowpass/hipass filter allowing the user to further fine-tune the processed sound. Further, you can choose how to feed Shaper 2 and how to mix it using the gain adn mix parameters.

I made a review of Shaper (1) for iOS. In terms of sound, the app is on the same level as the plugin, minus the new filter. Both versions are lovely tools to add character to your sounds. From simple, subtle distortions that bring warmth to your sounds, wavefolded waveforms, glitching textures up to complete chaos. Shaper 2 is capable of a wide range of sounds. If you want to give your synth sounds a pinch of spice, this is a perfect plugin.

K-Devices Shaper 2 is available now for an introductory price of 39€ (regular 59€) untl April 25, 2021. Shaper 2 is also part of the Phoenix series bundle that includes WOV & TTAP for 119€ (regular 177€) until April 25, 2021. The plugin runs as a 64-bit only VST, VST3, AU, and AAX format plugin on macOS 10.9+ and Windows 8.1+.

More information here: K-Devices

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