IK Multimedia Grab A Synth Giveaway: Hitmaker Synthwave For Free & Save 15% UNO Synth Pro Pre-Order

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IK Multimedia Grab A Synth Giveaway gives you the Hitmaker: Synthwave sound library for free and a 15% OFF coupon for your UNO Synth Pro pre-order

Our eyes shine when we read: there is something music-related for free. In 2020 this was the case very often. This seems to continue in 2021.

Today, IK Multimedia announced another product giveaway.  In exchange for responding to a short survey, you get a free SampleTank library and a discount code for a new hardware synth pre-order.

IK Multimedia Grab A Synth Giveaway

IK Multimedia Grab A Synth Giveaway

Yes, there is something for free, more precisely the IK Multimedia Hitmaker: Synthwave library for SampleTank. The latter is IK’s own full-featured software sampler plugin. Nice, the library works not only in the paid version but also in the free SampleTank CS (Custom Shop).

Hitmaker: Synthwave features 1.4 GB of sound content including ready-to-use instruments, samples, and MIDI beats. It includes throbbing bass synths, dominant synth leads, electrified analog drum kits, dystopian atmospheric pads, soaring synth strings, evolving synth arpeggios, and robot android vocal chops.  Anyone looking for sounds that can be used immediately has come to the right place. Don’t miss this library.

UNO Synth Pro Pre-Order

Further, you get a coupon code for 15% OFF the pre-order of the new UNO Synth Pro. It’s a new paraphonic analog Synthesizer with three fat oscillators, two juicy dual filters, effects, and more.

All in all, a deal that you can’t say no to. These are probably not the most flexible sounds, but some that you can get creative with right away.

IK Multimedia Grab A Synth Giveaway is available through March 31, 2021.

More information here: IK Multimedia

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