Cherry Audio Eight Voice, Oberheim Synthesizer Emulation For Only $29

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Cherry Audio Eight Voice, an emulation of iconic Oberheim 8 Voice Synthesizer from Tom Oberheim as a plugin and module format for Voltage Modular 2, each for just $29.

The cherry is on fire. If you look at the last releases of Cherry Audio, you can only say fantastic work Starting out as the developer of the Voltage Modular Synthesizer, they have also been releasing classic synthesizer emulations since last year. And they do something completely different. They price their plugins very affordable, almost no-brainers. Regardless of whether the Polymode (Polymoog), CA-2600 (ARP 2600), or the DCO-106 (Juno 106), each emulation cost under $50, in intro only $29.

Today Cherry Audio released an emulation of the well-known Oberheim 8 Voice. Yes, an Eight-Voice, the synthesizer that Gforce Software recently also emulated but at a significantly higher price and only for macOS. CA’s version is no way behind this, available for everyone and very affordable.

Cherry Audio Eight Voice

Cherry Audio Eight Voice

The feature set is very reminiscent of that of the Gforce Software OB-E synthesizer plugin: 8 SEM modules each with two oscillators, state-variable filter, two envelopes, and an LFO. Or like we know from the original Oberheim Eight Voice from Tom Oberheim. The differences between the CA and GF are in the details.

OB-E has an additional third oscillator on the back of every SEM module as well as extended velocity/aftertouch with MPE. Eight Voice doesn’t. Instead of these features, it comes with a second LFO with multiple waves, a second link group, and a built-in reverb processor.

Voice linking is also deeper in the Cherry Audio version. This unique voice link feature allows a simple and powerful grouping of voice module controls, eliminating individually setting each module’s controls when homogenous poly sounds are desired. Eight Voice can for example build splits where multiple SEM modules are sequenced and others generate a large pad sound.

Cherry Audio Synthesizer Expander Module Bundle

At the same time, Cherry Audio has released a version of the SEM as a module for the Voltage Modular Synthesizer. Here you get the classic functions of the SEM including oscillators, state variable filters, and more. Everything can be modularized and is optimized for the modular world.

Cherry Audio MRB

Before the official release, Cherry Audio sent over a license to check out the plugin. In terms of sound, the plugin is convincing. It is on the same sonic level as the Gforce Software OB-E. Many of the functions are also the same, there are small differences. Personally, I like the GUI and voice management better on the OB-E as well as the third oscillator. The unbeatable price, Windows support, and the excellent price-performance factor speaks in favor of the Eight Voice

Cherry Audio Eight Voice is available now for an introductory price of $29 USD instead of $49 USD. It’s compatible with Windows and macOS and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin format. The Synthesizer Expander Module Bundle for Voltage Modular 2 is also available now for $29 USD instead of $49 USD.

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  1. Like many I can’t spare the cash or the space for the original instrument which looks like a beautiful, inviting sonic play ground. This and the GForce emulation look like an eye straining headache, not at all inviting. The GUI on instruments like this could be improved by taking inspiration from well crafted software editors and including features like graphical envelopes, frequency plots and so on.

    • Both OB-E and eight voice have a focus function that enlarge the GUI which enables you to tweak the parameters much easier. It really makes a difference and feels less daunting than looking at the whole synth.

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