Erica Synths Intros 2×104 HP Carbon Fiber Eurorack Travel Case

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With its new 2x104HP travel case, Erica Synths makes traveling with a Eurorack system an easy matter thanks to carbon fiber and with a weight of just 5kg maximal.

Streaming is a trend. No wonder, we live in the middle of times when there are no more live concerts in front of an audience. The audience sits at home and listen to the concerts as a stream. However, times will change again and we will groove and party to the beats and melodies of live musicians. Guaranteed.

Erica Synths today presented a new case that is especially exciting for musicians who travel often or have to transport their cases from A to B.

Erica Synths 2x104hp carbon fiber travel case

Erica Synths 2×104 HP Carbon Fiber Travel Case

The travel case is not small. With two rows of each 104 HP, it has a lot of space for Eurorack modules. The interesting part of this all-black case is the material that Girts Ozolins and his team used here. The travel case is made of carbon fiber, a material that is very robust but also very light. With only 3.2kg (5kg with modules), the case has a very comfortable weight to carry around. Everyone who has performed outside of the studio with a Eurorack case knows what classic cases like von Doepfer’s weigh.

According to Erica Synths, it’s one of the lightest cases currently on the market and will be a reliable companion when traveling to gigs and keep your precious system protected. Then, the case has a built-in universal PSU that provides 2,5A@+12V, 2,5A@-12V, and 1A@+5V. It has two Eurorack distribution boards, each with 30 module connectors making a total of 60 available. That should be enough power and space for complex systems. It ships with a 3.34A universal external Meanwell PSU and built-in voltage converters

Erica Synths 2x104hp carbon fiber travel case

At first glance, a very nice, high-quality travel case. The low weight is probably the highlight here for many.

Erica Synths 2×104 HP Carbon Fiber Travel Case is available now for 660€ + 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping

More information here: Erica Synths 

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