Soniccouture Hammersmith Free, A 2.8GB Piano Virtual Instrument For Kontakt Player

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Soniccouture gives every musician the chance to play for free the iconic Hammersmith Model D Grand in form of a new high-quality piano library for Kontakt Player.

The intro to the article already says it. There is a beautiful free library for the Kontakt Player from the sampling experts of Soniccouture. You should not miss this release.

Soniccouture has sampled the Hammersmith Model D piano, an instrument that can be found in countless productions & won many fans since its releases. The developers have created a new virtual instrument from the sample content, from which everyone can benefit, including those who have only the Kontakt Player.


Soniccouture Hammersmith Free

The library features a 2.8GB sample library that is created with the help of a Schoeps Mk4 Mic Pair. The samples were all embedded in a new Kontakt interface and distributed on 21 velocity layers. Hammersmith Free also features full NKS support.

Soniccouture gives you also many options to customize the instruments. For example, you can adjust in detail the velocity response of it. Adjust the curve to concave, and the soft samples will be emphasized, tweak it more convex and the sound becomes much harder. Hammersmith also features randomize controls to add human elements to MIDI parts – vary the velocity, add tiny timing variations. With the built-in damplers, pedal thumps, and key-off noise function, you can raise the realism of the library.


On top, you have a 4 band EQ and a space module with custom reverbs. The latter allows you to create your own reverbs thanks to Soniccouture’s custom impulse library built up over many years and recording sessions. Perfect for adding atmosphere and room to your piano.

Soniccouture Hammersmith Free is available now as a free download for Kontakt 6 Player. To benefit from this library simply create an account at the website and the download will be in “my products”.

More information here: Soniccouture 

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