Ableton Push 3 Leak, Standalone Groovebox & MIDI Controller?

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Is Ableton working on a new Push 3 that is not just a MIDI controller but a standalone groove box based on Live, a leak indicates this.

This is a rumor or a potential leak, I cannot confirm the truthfulness of the photo

Almost two weeks ago Native Instruments showed the Maschine+, a groovebox and standalone version of their popular machine software. Today a picture leaked that shows that another well-known music tech company from Berlin may be working on a groovebox. More precisely, we’re talking about Ableton here, who are probably working hard on their Push 3.

Today a picture of a possible successor to Push 2 was leaked in the Chinchin Ray Ableton Live Tutorials group on Facebook. You don’t see much in the picture, but the things you can see indicate an expanded Push controller that will be more than a MIDI controller.

Ableton Push 3 Leak
Ableton Push 3 Leak

In the picture, you can only see the back of the device, a number 3, and the dates 20/21. The connections are very interesting: it starts on the left side with an SD card slot which may tell us that Push 3 will be more than a MIDI controller. Typically, it’s made for storing own samples, projects… on it and possibly that tells us that Push 3 will be maybe a standalone groovebox based on Ableton Live.

Next to this, we have a headphone out with volume control, stereo audio input and stereo output, and an aux-in/out. This also clearly says that the device will have a built-in interface. Either as an add-on for the MIDI controller (like the Maschine Mk3),  as an output device for the standalone version, or for both. Also onboard is a classic 5pin MIDI interface with probably 2 inputs and outputs which is great for connecting external gear to it.

Also new compared to the Push 2 is a two-port USB hub on the right side with which you can probably connect MIDI controllers or external drives in case it is a standalone device. Unfortunately, you can’t see it exactly, but it seems like there is also a classic USB port with which the device can connect the computer. Last but not least, we have a DC power input for DC12V.

Ableton Push 2
Ableton Push 2

Standalone Or An Expanded Push 2 MIDI Controller

Many musicians are aware that a new Ableton Push is in the air. Only the developers in Berlin know what it will look like and when it will be released. However, this leak ignited the rumors. A standalone device or a pure MIDI controller like the Push 1/2 is the biggest question. I don’t know whether the picture is real or a fake, but if you trust it, there are many indications of a standalone version. One of the biggest hints for a standalone version would be the built-in SD card slot, which would make little sense in a pure MIDI controller.

I would trust Ableton to take the next big step and build their “Live” experience into a hardware device. A lot of people wish that. It would also be extremely exciting, as Native Instruments only recently announced its beat production baby Maschine in hardware in form of the Maschine+. That would be a Berlin duel of grooveboxes. I am curious whether this Ableton Push 3 leak is true or not. If so, 2021 will be an exciting year. What do you think?

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    • Confirmed says nothing. I have got a lot of mails from companies that say it’s a fake product, later in the year it was true 😉
      This article is part of the leaks, rumours section which means it will be open to discuss if its fake or not. But I saw that Ableton releases a statement
      about it, but let see what the future brings 😉

    • Please Ableton, DON’T make it a “standalone” groove box…

      Those things are always overpriced and under-performing compared to their “real computer”-based counterparts.

      Please put all your efforts in making the Push 3 the ultimate Live CONTROLLER (and nothing else), it will be great if you do this !

      • Absolutely this. A standalone product is a stupid and awful idea.

        So now you are hardware limiting your software to run on an embedded x86 computer?

        Or branching your software to make a watered down version of it just to run on your proprietary hardware? And for what? So someone can not carry a laptop with them? It’s dumb with a capital D.

        There is almost no benefit and a huge list of problems at the top of the list is thinning your development focus.

        They have a really elegant solution which means their hardware can easily adapt to their software changes.

        There is very little wrong with the push as a controller. Maybe a larger higher res (touch) screen (not that it even needs it) and maybe 12×12 (chromatic) or 16×16 (semiquavers) playable pads, maybe a dedicated mod strip.

        But even those which have tangible benefits are reaching and come with compromise (i.e. much larger footprint, more power to drive it etc

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