Moon Modular 530, New Stereo Digital Delay For 5U Modular Synthesizer Systems

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With the 530, the German company Moon Modular expands its range of 5U modules with a new stereo voltage-controlled digital delay.

The module works with 24Bit/48 kHz and has an impressive set of features including two modes: tape & digital modes where you can activate independently from each a ping-pong mode. The delay time ranges from 3ms to 3000ms what is nice and can be sent with a controller and modulated via CV.

With the additional tape key button, you can enter the tempo or also with a signal like a clock via the tape input. There is also an activatable hold function that maintains the delay signal with a length of up to 40 seconds. In this capture, you can also import overdubs. Additionally, there is a reverse function that can also be triggered by a button or an external CV signal.

Moon Modular 530

Some of the parameters of the 530 are also voltage controllable: feedback, delay time and dry/wet that also includes bipolar attenuators. With these functions, the module becomes not only a modular FX processor but also an instrument on its own.

Moon Modular 530 will be available in mid/end April for a price of 498€.

More information here: Moon Modular 

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