147 FREE Presets For Ruismaker NOIR Drum Synthesizer For iOS

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Download 147 presets for Ruismaker Noir drum Synthesizer for iOS (AUv3) for free designed by sound designer &  YouTuber Electronisounds

Dean Daughters, known from his website Electronisounds and YouTube has today released 147 free presets for the great Ruismaker NOIR drum Synthesizer for iOS (AUv3).

The library features filthy techno kick drums, hi-hat patterns, percussion layers, deep basslines, twisted sequences and more. If you are using Ruismaker NOIR, don’t miss this great free patch library.

What Is Ruismaker Noir?

Ruismaker Noir presents a hybrid approach between synthesized drums and rhythmic bass sounds – coming together in the fully integrated step sequencer. Throw in a nasty, dirty personality and you get something really new for the iOS platform.

Ruismaker Noir free presets

Although Noir has a monophonic synthesis engine, the clever interplay with the sequencer and plethora of pitch/velocity modulation options can make it sound like many different sounds are playing, seamlessly blending into each other.


  • AUv3 (Audio Unit) plugin, with integrated sequencer
  • Basic standalone mode for tinkering or preset creation
  • Universal; runs on any iDevice with iOS10 or higher
  • All parameters accessible via MIDI CC and AU Params
  • AU MIDI output from sequencer (requires iOS11+)
  • Fullscreen plugin GUI in all compatible hosts
  • Modest CPU and resource loads

Electronisounds Ruismaker Noir library is available now as a free download.

More information here:


Ruismaker Noir

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