Audio Damage Eos Reverb Got A Big Facelift In Version 2.1 (PC/Mac/iOS)

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Audio Damage Eos 2.1 received an internal and external facelift for its 10th birthday including a brand-new cross-platform interface

Happy Birthday, Audio Damage Eos. The well-known reverb plugin turns 10 and for this occasion, the developers have made it fit for the future on this occasion. Eos 2.1 features a completely new interface which looks wider but also better. This is not only available on PC / Mac but also on iOS.

Internally the code was rebuilt to increase the stability and compatibility across all platforms. One major change from this new code basis is the introduction of the new preset manager. Nice update and hope for another 10 years!

Audio Damage Eos 2.1

Eos 2 consists of four high-quality reverb algorithms, custom-designed for us by ValhallaDSP with the modern production environment in mind. Three different plate simulators and the Superhall algorithm deliver a broad palette of reverb flavors.

For version 2.1 we rebuilt Eos from bare metal, increasing stability and compatibility across all platforms. The all-new user interface is fresher looking as well as more amenable to touch control. This, combined with its new preset management makes Eos 2.1 a breeze to use on any device.

What’s New In Eos 2.1 (PC, Mac & iOS)

  • new user interfacefor Eos’ 10th birthday, we have given it a facelift, and brought it up to date and more in line with our younger products.
  • complete refactoring: internally, we have replaced most of what we call the “old framework” (which is to say code from before we made iOS products) with our current cross-platform parameter management and support code. This results in a future-proofed Eos that is built to all current plugin standards, and which uses all the latest SDKs and APIs.
  • better cross-platform compatibility: the original iOS version of Eos was a separate build process from the desktop Eos. Now, they are identical in all respects, built from the same code-base.

Audio Damage Eos 2.1 update is a free update for existing users. Eos 2.1 is available now (PC/Mac) or $39 USD (instead of $59 USD) and for iOS ($3.99 USD on sale).

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