IK Multimedia Intros Modo Drum, A True Drum Kit Synthesizer Based On Physical Modeling

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IK Multimedia has today unveiled Modo Drum, the sequel of its excellent Modo Bass virtual instrument. Modo Drum uses drum physical modeling to create a near unlimited amount of different drum kits. The advantage of this innovative technology is the flexibility you do not have with sample-based instruments.

Modo Drum has not limited to a specific amount of included samples but to your personal taste. So you can describe Modo Drum as a drum kit Synthesizer because it uses synthesis to recreate the individual parts of a drum kit. Actually, drum kits are not my topic but that is a very exciting plugin.

IK Multimedia Modo Drum


Using a powerful combination of modal synthesis and advanced sampling, MODO DRUM offers 10 deeply customizable, virtual drum kits with real-time access to every parameter of each drum (kick, snares, and toms) – from size and tension to shell profile and playing style, and more. Cymbals can also be tuned and damping adjusted to ensure incredibly realistic music tracks.

To further shape their sound, users can place their kit in different acoustic environments and take advantage of a full mixer with sends and buses, as well as 19 studio processors and effects from IK’s acclaimed T-RackS and AmpliTube software titles to add the final polish to any kit. An integrated Groove manager featuring more than 1,400 patterns allows users to create beats right out of the box.

Real-Time Drum Synthesis

Unlike traditional sample-based virtual instruments, MODO DRUM utilizes IK’s award-winning modal synthesis technology and an ultra-optimized sound engine to bring drums to life. The result of 11 years of research and development with one of the oldest universities in Europe, each drum’s acoustic behavior is determined by its physical parameters: dimensions, materials, skin, and more, as well by the playing style, the interaction of the drum head with the body, the effect of sympathetic vibrations and the acoustic interaction with the room. MODO DRUM creates incredibly authentic sound in real time, recreating those ever-changing interactions between the player, drums, and room on the fly in a new way that no current sample-based software can do.


  • Breakthrough physical modeling drum synthesis.
  • Incredible real-time control & amazing realism.
  • Loads faster and takes up less hard drive space.
  • Cutting-edge cymbal sample engine.
  • Adjust both the diameter and height of every drum.
  • Change shell profile on the fly.
  • Tune control to fit perfectly in the mix.
  • Damp control to sculpt the feel of a groove.
  • Change snare size and tension.
  • Change kick beater type.
  • Change kick technique (heel up / heel down).
  • Control sympathetic snare and tom resonance.
  • Selectable hitting position.
  • Swap stick and head types.
  • Infinite velocity layers for more human feel.
  • Infinite round-robins for unmatched realism.
  • 10 fully customizable drum kits.
  • 1400+ MIDI patterns.
  • 8 unique convolution-based room reverbs.
  • Massive suite of 19 studio processors and effects.
  • Resizable GUI for perfect workflow on any display.
  • Smart Filters to find the right groove for your tracks.
  • Drag and drop grooves into your DAW for easy workflow.
  • Full mixer with effects derived from T-RackS & AmpliTube.

IK Multimedia Modo Drum (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) will ship in August 2019 and is now available for pre-order for an introductory price of 299.99 USD/EUR (regular 399.99 USD/EUR).

Existing users of any IK product that retails for 99.99 USD/EUR and up are eligible to pre-order Modo Drum at a further reduced crossgrade price of 199.99 USD/EUR (regular 299.99 USD/EUR). Current owners of IK’s Modo Bass software who log in will receive an automatic coupon for 50 USD/EUR that can be applied to the crossgrade pricing.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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