UVI Introduced Key Suite Digital, Virtual Instrument Collection For Retro Sound Lovers

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UVI has recently released Key Suite Digital, a new collection of 10 sample-based instruments that feature iconic sounds from ’80s and ’90s vintage digital modules. The captured sounds are mapped inside 10 different instruments which can be modified with different parameters and refined with several built-in effects.

The library includes 136 ready-to-use presets made with 22795 samples that run in the free UVI Workstation and Falcon.

UVI Key Suite Digital


Back in the ‘80s, many synth manufacturers began releasing keyboards and modules dedicated to acoustic and electric piano sounds. The most iconic of these instruments was the Roland MKS-20 expander, which introduced the SAS (Structured / Adaptive Synthesis) sound engine. These instruments weren’t perfect, especially by modern standards, but at the time it was incredible to have real, playable keys in a light and portable unit.

Digital sampling has advanced tremendously since those days making these units largely obsolete, but we love their lo-fi sound. Something about early digital sampling makes them unique, even today. Old-school, a bit cheesy and a far cry from today’s instruments, but familiar and full of character – the sounds of these vintage digital modules from the ’80s and ’90s are close to our hearts, and now preserved forever.

Every instrument in Key Suite Digital has its own sound and unique character, and that’s part of what makes this collection so special. Each instrument delivers a unique lo-fi sound from the early days of digital sampling and synthesis, bringing your music to life with characterful, vintage sounds. Key Suite Digital includes the full selection of sounds that made these modules great, including acoustic and electric pianos, clavs, vibraphones, harpsichords, organs and more.

These instruments may sound lo-fi but we’ve worked hard to capture them in the finest quality and create the most reliable engine we can. Applying our 20+ years experience in the field you’ll hear the difference right away, from the choices in hardware processing, cables, and converters, to the natural response and reliable playability from careful editing; we’ve gone the distance to ensure Key Suite Digital delivers ‘that’ sound right from the start.

UVI Key Suite Digital is available now for $49 USD /49€ through May 22nd, 2019 (regular $79 USD/€).

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