Audio Damage Released ChannelStrip AUv3 App For iPhone & iPad

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Audio Damage has released today ChannelStrip, a new AUv3 channel strip for iOS (iPhone/iPad). It features a gate, equalizer (modeled on the PEV), and compressor packed in an easy-to-use app.

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Audio Damage ChannelStrip


ChannelStrip is, as its name implies, a channel strip app and AUv3 plugin. With a gate, equalizer, and compressor, ChannelStrip can provide a solid and easy-to-use channel control for your iOS mixing needs.

GATE: The gate is of our own design, and very smooth. With envelope that varies from nearly instantaneous to ludicrously long, you can use it for both basic noise control and more extreme tonal shaping.

EQUALIZER: Modeled on the PEV, a famous German “cartridge” equalizer, the EQ in ChannelStrip is super useful for basic tone shaping. A very smooth and forgiving general-purpose EQ.

COMPRESSOR: The compressor in ChannelStrip is, at its heart, our Rough Rider model. We removed all the filtering from Rough Rider to make it cleaner, and changed the times to be more appropriate to general mixing duties.

I/O: ChannelStrip has a positive gain on both the input and output, to get your levels right. It also has a bit of a personality on the output stage if you drive it hard (with either or both the input and output gains). Nominally very clean, it picks up a bit of dirt with high levels just like a hardware console. Along with that, both mute (which mutes the input entirely) and bypass (which sends the inputs right to the outputs without passing the DSP stages) are available as automatable parameters.

In short, ChannelStrip is a general utility mixing tool, with a bit of character and a lot of usefulness. It requires iOS 9.3.

Audio Damage ChannelStrip is available now for $4.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

More information here: Audio Damage

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