Psychic Modulation Released PulseCode Drum Machine Plugin For PC & Mac!

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Psychic Modulation PulsCode is a new creative drum machine plugin that recreates the vibe and sound of vintage drum machines using 12 and 13-bit sound content!

Psychic Modulation, developer of the Phonec 2 Synthesizer has relesaed today PulseCode, a new vintage inspired drum machine plugin for PC & Mac. The plugin features content that is resampled vintage gear in 12 and 13-bit (late 80s). All this is powered by a creative 64-step pattern sequencer with some clever features.

Psychic Modulation PulseCode


All of the sounds supplied with PulseCode have been resampled in 12 and 13-bit with vintage gear to stay true to the era. Gated reverb is effortless with PulseCode, as each sound includes its own sampled 13-bit reverb layer recorded from a vintage unit from the same time period.These techniques can usually be tedious and time consuming, but with PulseCode they are second nature.

The result is that big drum sound so prevalent in the 80s and often heard in EBM, Industrial, Electro, Coldwave, SynthPop and Synthwave. But PulseCode is designed for experimentation and can easily be taken into uncharted territory for a more modern approach to these styles and beyond.


  • 8 Drum Engines for loading up a variety of Sound Elements.
  • Each Element is made up of 6 layers: Core, Grit, Hit, Body, Reverb and Noise.
  • All layers of each Element have been sampled in 13-bit using vintage gear.
  • Compressor, Filter and Saturation per Drum Engine.
  • 64-step Pattern Sequencer with lane for each drum.
  • Unique Pattern Offsets for creating variations to your patterns.
  • Multi-parameter Accents for each step.
  • Individual Speed and Length for each Sequence Lane (allows polyrhythms).
  • Adjustable Flams per step.
  • Flow: controls the movement and rhythmic flow of each sequence lane.
  • Fracture: momentary buildups and breakdowns using snap-back controls.
  • Drum Mixer with Multiple Outputs for each drum.
  • Drum Fill Arpeggiator for automatic rolls, fills and more.
  • Pitchbender & Modwheel integration of Fracture and Flow.
  • Tight sync to Host tempo and position.
  • MIDI Learn and automation of most parameters.
  • Sub-presets: separate load/save settings for Drum Engine and Sequencer.
  • Double Click Parameter Reset.
  • Intuitive patch management system.
  • Default bank of 128 example presets.
  • Includes several Sounds Elements to start out.
  • More soundpacks will be available in the future.

PulseCode is available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugins formats, priced at $89 USD ex. VAT for EU customers.

More information here: Psychic Modulation

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