Audiaire Zone Is A New Powerful Parameter Sequencing Synthesizer Plugin!

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In the new Zone Synthesizer plugin by Audiaire any parameter of the engine can be manipulated with unlimited sequencer lanes that opens a massive pool of new sounds!

Zone Synthesizer is here! Do not you know yet? No wonder the plugin was released today. Behind the plugin is the maker Sharooz Raoofi of the well-known companies Sample Magic and Attack Magazine. After he already published at Sample Magic software in the past, he founded now Audiaire. The first plugin release is called Zone and is a parameter sequencing Synthesizer that is based on wavetables.

Zone keeps up well with the competition (Massive, Serum…) and features a lot of high-quality functionalities: huge catalogue of oscillator waveforms, import feature, oscillator modulation modes (FM, ring modulation…), many filters and effects… The most interesting thing about Zone is not the actual synthesis parat but the impressive sequencer area. Zone can operate in different modes and users can sequence every single parameter in unlimited sequencer lanes.

This feature opens a lot of sound design possibilities compared to standard wavetable synths. One downside of this new plugin is the iLok software copy protection that many music producers doesn’t love. Nonetheless, Zone is very interesting new synth that brings fresh air in the wavetable synth market.


Zone is a unique software Synthesizer that encourages complex sound design in a musical way, showcasing the beautiful idiosyncrasies seldom seen in digital instruments. At the heart of Zone is a powerful parameter sequencer that allows virtually every control to be assigned to and modified by its own independent sequencer lane, with unlimited lanes, each running at their own unique rate and number of steps.

Zone can be played in three distinct modes: As a feature rich synth with a host of filters, 151 wavetable oscillators with user import, 20 insert FX, powerful mod matrix and much more. With a 32 step note sequencer – allowing pitch, velocity, gate, probability and +/- swing at a variety of rates. Or with infinite note and parameter sequencer lanes, with complex tools and presets for modifying lane behaviour. The sound generation possibilities are virtually limitless.

Zone features 400+ presets, created by a versatile team of experienced sound designers and is AU / VST / AAX compatible for PC and Mac.


  • Inventive parameter sequencer with unlimited lanes, each running at up to 27 different rates from 8/1 to 1/128th of host tempo. 95 global, unipolar and bipolar parameter sequencer lane presets
  • High quality analogue modelled oscillators and unparalleled sound quality with ability to import single cycle waveforms 151 oscillator types samples from over 50 uber-rare vintage synths with sub, noise and the ability to load/save unique single-cycle waveforms.
  • 20 insert FX types, including delay, stereo width enhancer, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, barber-pole phaser, compression and decimator. Multiple filter types (comb, notch, phaser, circuit-bent, acid) with up to 48dB/octave roll-off.
  • Numerous oscillator modulation modes including exponential FM (as seen in Roland’s Jupiter 8), ring modulation, amplitude modulation, distortion mod and more. Extensive modulation matrix with 8 slots and numerous sources.
  • 400+ presets expertly crafted by some of the world’s leading patch creators. Categorised by pads, arpeggios, leads, bass, drums, FX and synth.
  • Chord, hold note (for easy sound design editing) and unison mode with up to 7 voice spread. Full assignable macro controls for easy performance control. Clearly laid out, scalable GUI designed fo easy-to-use with one page editing.

Audiaire Zone is available now for the limited introductory price of £99/$139 for the next 14 days. Zone is also available soon via Splice with the Rent-To-Own subscription service for $9.99 USD. It’s protected the iLok software system!

More information here: Audiaire 

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