Propellerhead Software Released Umpf Club Drums Rack Extension

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Propellerhead’s Umpf Club Drums is new powerful beat creation rack extension that allows you drag & drop samples to the 8 drum channels, adjust, modulate and put effects to each sound!

Propellerhead Software expanded today their range of rack extensions with a new drum instrument. Umpf Club Drums rack extension is a new beat creation devices that features a wide range of powerful percussive sounds. This new release is especially interesting for electronic music producers because it includes over 750 samples and 100 drum kit presets that works perfectly with house or techno.

Umpf Club Drums is not just a simple sample collection but comes also with a powerful sound design tool for drum sounds. 8 drum channels with drag & drop sample loading, filters, envelopes, LFO’s, modulation matrix and a range of good sounding effects gives you a lot of sound design options.


“Making club-ready drum tracks has always required producers to hand-select samples and set up complex routing for sidechain processing or modulation,” said Lukas Lyrestam, Product Manager of Propellerhead.

“Finally there’s a solution that does it all with one device – right in the Reason rack. By combining cutting-edge drum sounds with powerful processors and easy-to-use controls, the aptly named Umpf Club Drums allows you to quickly dial in powerful, evolving electronic beats.”


  • 750 samples
  • 100 drum kit presets
  • 8 drum channels
  • drag & drop sample loading
  • dynamic waveform display
  • filters
  • envelopes
  • LFO’s
  • modulation matrix
  • various high-quality effects: chop, delay, reverb & compressor
  • includes the new drum sequencer (velocity, repeat, probability controller…)

Umpf Club Drums is available now for 99 USD/EUR, Drum Sequencer is 69 USD/EUR. Drum Sequencer is free for Umpf Club Drum owners.

More information here: Propellerhead Software

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