Quad LFO By Malekko Is A 4-Channel LFO Generator With A 16 Step-Sequencer & Now Available!

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The new Quad LFO by Malekko combines a 4-channel LFO generator with shaping options with a 16 step sequencer in one Eurorack module.

Malekko Heavy Instustry announced today the official release of the Quad LFO, a Eurorack module officially announced back at NAMM 2018. The Quad LFO is a 4-channel LFO generator that features 4 different waves and an additional parameter allows users to move through these shapes. This new Eurorack module is not just a low frequency oscillator but it includes also an independent 16 step sequencer.


An LFO, or low frequency oscillator, sends control voltage out in the shape of a waveform. The Quad LFO available shapes include sine, ramp, saw and pulse and moves through these shapes using the SHAPE slider. You can send these 4 distinct LFOs directly out or to other modules for frequency modulation, VCA control, filter control, etc.

What makes this Quad LFO module different is that it also includes a 16 step automation sequencer as well as autosave or expanded preset functions when used in conjunction with Varigate 4+ and Varigate 8+.

To create a sequence of automation for an LFO, hold the RECORD button and move the sliders for Frequency, Phase, Shape, Distort and Level and those slider movements will play back automatically as the Quad LFO cycles through the sequence. This sequencing feature allows for a multitude of dynamic possibilities for live performance and recording.

Set each LFO to trigger via one of the 4 individual gate inputs, or set channels 2 through 4 to follow channel 1 for quadrature and phase modulation. Change the direction of each channel of sequenced automation to Forward, Reverse, Pendulum or Random. Switch the playback speed and style between Fast, Slow or Tempo Sync. There are also inputs for both Clock and Reset.


  • 4 LFOs, each with it’s own individual output
  • 16 steps of automation recording for LFO settings per channel (+ Clear Automation function)
  • Set each LFO to follow or trigger via one of the 4 gate inputs
  • Forward, Reverse, Pendulum and Random switch for sequenced automation direction.
  • Autosave stand-alone or save up to 16 presets with Varigate 4+ and 100 with Varigate 8+
  • Switch between Fast, Slow or Tempo Sync per LFO
  • Clock in
  • Reset in

More information here: Malekko Heavy Industry 

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