Sonivox Introduced Stratum Transwave Synthesizer Plugin – Supersaw Meets FM Synthesis!

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Stratum Transwave Synthesizer combines modern virtual analog and classic FM synthesis in one plugin.

Sonivox, one of the brand from inMusic just released Stratum Transwave, a new Synthesizer plugin that combines classic super-saw and a 4 operator FM synthesis.


Put on your shades and get on board the time machine, as Stratum will take you down the wormhole straight into the 1980s futuristic soundscapes. By combining the fat, wide supersaw oscillators with the classic, rich sounding FM engine, we have brought synth technology of different eras together to give you THE SOUND of future-past.

Stratum will provide you with all you need to create tracks in a variety of retro-inspired genres, be it synthwave, retrowave, outrun, cinematic electronica, 8-bit chiptunes, you name it. These timbres are gaining popularity fast and, if you want to keep up with the wave, check out Stratum. The instrument will also prove of great use in techno, trance, lo-fi hip-hop and EDM, bringing a blast from the past to spice up your tracks.

  • Supersaw FM Synthesizer with Noise and Sub Oscillators.
  • Individual arpeggiators for the Supersaw and FM synths.
  • Dynamic Filters including Low-Pass Filters with Resonance, Vocal Formant and Tube Distortion.
  • Unique XY Effects pad for additional bit crushing, dirty phasing, wah-wah and non-linear delay effects.
  • Simple but powerful Modulation Matrix featuring 4 LFOs and an 8-step sequencer.
  • Built in Reverb, Delay, Phaser, and Chorus effects.

Stratum Transwave for PC & Mac (VST/AU/AAX/standalone) is now on sale for the intro price of £87 GBP / 99 EUR until August 1st, 2018 (50% off regular).

Available here:  Sonivox Stratum Transwave 

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