Beatformer By Accusonus Helps You To Create Your Perfect Drum Sound

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Beatformer by Accusonus is a new easy-to-use beat sculpting tool that simplifies the creation of your favourite drum sound!

Finding the perfect tone of a drum sound of a track is not the simplest task. Accusonus tries to simplify this task with the new Beatformer plugin that is a easy-to-use beat sculpting plugin. It allows you to effortlessly shape the sound of your beats with only 4 controls. The plugin features a very hands-on interface that is very intuitive to use.


Beatformer features four knobs (Boom, Punch, Squash and Air) that control more than a dozen Digital Signal Processing algorithms in the background.

Contrary to conventional processors, the plug-in’s design is focused on enabling users to effortlessly shape their beats, without compromising their character and musicality. Beatformer can be used on any beat track, either for transparent or extreme sound manipulation.


  • Glue your drum mix together.
  • Bring energy into over-processed loops.
  • Improve your beat’s dynamics.
  • Add colour and personal character to your beats.
  • Add substance to thin sounds.
  • Instantly transform the sound of your beats.

Accusonus Beatformer is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) and is on sale for the intro price of $79 USD until June 18th, 2018 (regular $99 USD).

Available here: Accusonus Beatformer 

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