Bram Bos Extends Almost All Ruismaker Apps With More MIDI Features

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Excellent news coming this week from Bram Bos. The developer of the great Ruismaker apps announced a big MIDI update for almost all of its apps. From now on,  they support MIDI output, MIDI thru, CoreMIDI Master clock (clock, start, stop) as well as a bridge from Ableton Link to MIDI clock. Excellent updates in my opinion that expand massively the usage of this apps. Per example, you can use now the Troublemaker sequencer to create TB-303 oriented sequences with other synths (hardware or software).

In the following apps, the MIDI capabilities were expanded.

Troublemaker (v.1.5)

Ruismaker (v.2.1) 

Ruismaker FM (v.2.1) 

Ripplemaker (v.1.2) 

What’s New 

Thank you for all the kind feedback on my apps. I have now implemented a much-requested feature into all my standalone sequencers: CoreMIDI Out! I hope you’ll enjoy it… and please leave a review if you’re having fun!

  • CoreMIDI Note Output
  • CoreMIDI Master Clock (Clock/Start/Stop)
  • Ableton Link to MIDI Clock bridging
  • MIDI Thru

Setting up Troublemaker MIDI Output

30 Second Tutorial: Setting up MIDI OUTPUT in Troublemaker (driving Phosphor, using AUM)This works exactly the same way in all our standalone sequencers now.

Posted by Ruismaker on Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017

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