Discover Granular Synthesis Inside Kontakt 5 With Fragments By Homegrown Sounds

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Homegrown Sounds announced today a new instruments that focus on granular sounds inside Kontakt 5 With Fragments, the developer tries to offer an engine that brings granular synthesis to Kontakt 5 libraries. Very cool here, the loop position and length can be sequenced in real-time which gives even more possibilities to create interesting new sounds. This library demonstrate again nice that such small independent developer can create fantastic instrument for an affordable price.

It uses Long Evolving Waveforms and the sound is generated by playing Looped Sections from these WAVs. The Loop Position and Length can be Sequenced in real-time via the Dedicated Loop sequencers which can create both Glitchy and interesting Pads.

It has a Dual Synth Architecture with both synths sharing the same features. As well as the 2 Loop Start and Length Sequencers, there are also another 6 Per Synth which control Cutoff, Volume, Pan, Drive, Reverb Send and Delay Send. The Sequencers use tempo based divisions making them great for tempo Synched Patterns, have a maximum of 128 steps and 11 choices of tempo division.

There are also 2 XY Pads which represent the currently visible Sequencers and will animate to show their current state when the Sequencers are in play Mode. They can also be used to record the Sequencers in real-time. When a sequencer not in Play Mode the XY controls the static value used for the destination amount.

Fragments was designed to be intuitive and easy to use with all parameters + 4 Sequencers visible. As with other HGS creations full use of local and Global Randomizers are available to instantly create unique and varied presets.There is also an internal presets system in place with a built in Browser.

Homegrown Sounds Fragments for Kontakt 5.6 or higher (full version) is on now sale for an introduction price of $24.99 USD (regular $49.99 USD).

More informations here: Fragments 

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