The Best Sample Library Deal Of The Year! 9 High-Quality Sample Libraries By Samplephonics & 1 Year Of NOIIZ Subscription For 99€

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VST Buzz is a company that offers twice a month a new special deal in the field of audio plugins. Today, in my opinion, the company has announced the best deal of the year in the field of sample libraries. In collaboration with the sample library developer team Samplephonics, VST Buzz announced the Insane NOIIZ & Samplephonics Doube Deal. It includes 9 high-quality sample libraries and a coupon for a one year subscription to the Noiiz sample library and presets cloud service for 1$. In total, you pay 100€ for both products. (99€ + 1$ coupon for 1 year subscription) 

Available here: VST Buzz Deal Samplephonics & NOIIZ

I’m user of the subscription service NOIIZ since the official release in January 2017. I took the special early-bird offer and received a massive online library of samples and loops. A few days ago, the company added also high-quality presets for Synthesizers like Native Instruments Massive, FM8 or LennarDigital Sylenth 1.

Honestly, I don’t regret making this subscription decision because the NOIIZ offers you tons of excellent samples and loops from a massive online library inside a standalone application or also inside a plugin for Windows and Mac. Currently you have access to over 130.000 samples and loops which are ready-to-use and each week, the company adds more new sounds from sound designers to the library.

One of main reason why I subscribed to this service is unlimited use of the material. If you download the samples to your hard drives and un-subscribe to the service after one year, you can still use your downloaded samples in future tracks without copy-right problems. If you calculate the amount of samples, loops and presets, you get and will get in future, this deal is a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, I can’t extend my membership with this deal because I havel my subscription still running until next year January. But if I doesn’t have one,  absolutely jump on this special deal because you receive now 9 high-quality sample libraries for Kontakt 5, Reason NNXT, NI Battery, Logic EXS24 and also in wav format on top.

  • Absolute no-brainer at 88% OFF the normal price (normally 795€)
  • 18 GB+ of Content
  • VST Buzz Exclusive! $1 for 1 Year of unlimited downloads (normally $99) Access sounds in the cloud from the NOIIZ Plugin (Ableton, Fl Studio, Logic Pro X, Garageband, Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase and more) or from the Standalone version. 
  • Dirty Modular (6.8 GB of Content & over 8496 samples, 150+ presets…) (also usable with the Kontakt 5 Player)
  • Philicorda (3.79 GB of Content & over 6000 sampled waveforms)
  • Nevo Analogue Machines (4.6 GB of content) (Over 17.000 samples analogue waveforms from a Minimoog, JX10, SH-101, Oberheim M6R, Juno 106 and a KORG MS10!)
  • Plasmic Beats by Ivo Ivanov (37 MB of content – over 235 drum samples, 14 drum kits and over 100 MIDI grooves
  • Vintage Keys/Slice Machine (500 MB of content, 490 classic keys samples, massive selection of acoustic pianos & synths)
  • Lithium Beats by Evac (148.3 MB (wav format) over 400 24 bit drum samples, 270+ MIDI grooves
  • 909 Rhythm Composer (Multi-sampled 909 instrument) (4054 24 bit samples in 96khz and 44.1 khz sample rate) (contains clean and tube sampled versions)
  • Deep Textures (550 MB of content – 100+ loops and samples) (unique collection of ambient sounds, atmospheric textures and soundscapes)
  • Samplephonics 808 (834 MB – 44.1khz) or (3.79 GB – 96khz) (over 4500 multi-sampled 808 24 Bit Wav Samples in 44.1 khz, 96khz or 192khz sample rates

This amazing deal is only available for the next 14 days. A full review of this deal is coming very soon.

Available here: VST Buzz Deal Samplephonics & NOIIZ

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