The Pre-Order Phase Of The Baloran The River Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Starts July 1st

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The french developer Baloran announced today that the pre-order phase of The River Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer will start on July 1st. The River is a 8 voice hand-made analog polyphonic Synthesizer with 2 VCO’s based on the Moog source but more advanced. It includes also a ladder VCFilter, pulse with modulations and frequency modulation options, two discrete LFO’s & envelopes and is 8x multi-timbral. The River also includes a full modulation matrix as well as a full featured arpeggiator and sequencer per voice. 

The first batch will include 20 units and will be available exclusively for the French market or European neighboring countries. The booking will start on July 1, 2017 and will be stopped once the twenty bookings have been reached. The price of a The River, excluding postage, is fixed for this first batch at 4200€ excluding VAT or 5040€ VAT 20% include.The amount of the deposit is 2000€, it will finance the purchases necessary for the production of the first batch.

Some of the features: 

  • 8 voices
  • 2 VCO based on the Moog Source (more advanced)
  • Ladder VCFilter
  • VCO mod via Envelope
  • PWM & FM
  • Discrete LFO’s & ENV’s (2x)
  • Global Digital LFO
  • 8x Multi-timbral
  • Arpeggiator & Sequencer per Voice
  • 5 Octave Fatar TP/8S Keyboard
  • Analog Tri Chorus
  • Modulationmatrix

Here are some audio demos of the Baloran The River Synthesizer

Unfortunately everything in french, but you can see and hear the device in this video

More informations here: Baloran The River Synthesizer

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