KRFT v.1.5 Let You Control And Sequence Any Hardware And Software Instrument

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It is always exciting when music apps in 2017 have a complete MIDI implementations. Not all the music apps currently comes with full support of MIDI but only with MIDI input or output. Studio Amplify has taken this sentence seriously and today released an important update for the KRFT app, which now comes with full MIDI support. 

This major update transform this very intuitive app to a complete new control and sequencer playground for internal and external gear. It’s great to see that developers are able to make such big forward in the development. Congrats to the developers of KRFT for this deep MIDI playground.

Available here: KRFT v.1.5

What’s New in Version 1.5.0

KRFT + MIDI = The ultimate controller & sequencer!

  • Use KRFT to control other apps, software (e.g. Ableton & Logic Pro) & hardware
  • Control external dials with MIDI CC messages from KRFT
  • Record your performances in external DAWs then tweak & edit
  • Audio Bus 3 MIDI support


  • Now you can add Modulators to Morphs, great for providing more variety to your sounds
  • Added a chord spread option to the Keyboard
  • Added quantize function into Matrix
  • Improved latency on the keyboard & drum machine
  • Improved performance on lower powered devices
  • Improved storage reliability & fixed other crashes and bugs

Available here: KRFT v.1.5

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