Keyboardmanufaktur Berlin Keyboard Prototype – Next Generation Keyboard Solution You Need To Make Music?

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The Keyboardmanufaktur Berlin released today some very interesting pictures about a next generation keyboard prototype that features everything you need to make music. 
It’s still a prototype but this entire keyboard is a complete workstation that has a computer and interface installed with Windows 10 and the live host Cantabile. If you want to connect something, no problem, all the connectors of the interface are accessible via the backpanel.
The workstation features also a 10” high-end capacitive touchscreen and a lot of knobs and sliders with background RGB-LED’s. I would use it as VST host keyboard with Omnisphere inside or other plugins like U-he DIVA. Any suggestions for this project is welcome because it’s still a prototype and not a finished project.

More informations here: Keyboardmanufaktur Berlin

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