It’s All About Toys – Native Instruments Released Kinetic Toys For Kontakt 5 Player

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It’s all about toys, that’s the motto of the latest Native Instruments Kontakt 5 release. For this new release, the Berlin based company sampled some iconic toys from the past, very usual toys and games. The result is Kinetic Toys, a new sample library for Kontakt 5 Player that brings an easy-to-use interface for creating own sounds. Check below for more informations about this new release.

Native Instruments introduces KINETIC TOYS – a new KONTAKT Instrument that creates musical leads and soundscapes from vintage toy recordings

Berlin, June 21, 2017 – Native Instruments today released KINETIC TOYS, a new instrument for creating evocative leads, ethereal sound beds, rhythmic musical parts, evolving loops, and unconventional sound effects.

KINETIC TOYS is the full-sized version of Native Instruments’ winter gift, KINETIC TREATS. KINETIC TOYS features over 200 individual sound sources – including a wide variety of well-known and unusual children’s toys, games, and even snacks. These are combined with custom synthesized tones, to create musically tuned, playable hybrid patches. In total KINETIC TOYS features 3.5 GB of all original content, including 670 sounds split across 35 themed NKIs.

KINETIC TOYS is made for creative sound designers and producers seeking soundscapes and unusual lead sounds that naturally stand out in a busy mix. Two custom X-Y matrices are used to control the sound mixer and the onboard FX. One takes the form of a dancing toy ballerina, and controls up to sixteen sounds sources simultaneously – eight sampled and eight synthetic. The second is shown as a toy robot, and controls up to eight user-selectable effects.

Both X-Y controls can be controlled manually, or with three different forms of automatic motion. Speed can be freely assigned, synced to project tempo, and even set independently for the X and Y axis. These motion controllers can themselves be modulated by an LFO or envelope.

KINETIC TOYS was created in collaboration with sound designer Jeremiah Savage. For over a year, Jeremiah scoured shops and markets (and his own attic… ) for the sounds and toys of his childhood, discovering a few new ones along the way. Jeremiah has worked with NI in the past on the well-received and highly-acclaimed KINETIC METAL, KINETIC TREATS, and more.

Kinetic Toys is now available for Kontakt 5/ Kontakt 5 player for a price of 149 € / $149/ 129£ from the official NI Online shop.

More informations here: Native Instruments Kinetic Toys

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