Auria Pro Mobile Music Production For iPad Is Currently 50% OFF

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Professional music making is still a challenge on iPad because many of the released apps sounds great but can’t be considered due of workflow or connection problems. One of the apps that are made in a professional mind is Auria Pro. It comes with a very high-quality audio engine, great built-in effects, top notch iAP’s like plugins from FabFilter and pro features. Auria Pro also allows to export tracks in a excellent sound quality which enables musicians to use it further in big DAW’s or as final track. 

The new version comes also with a easy-to-use sampler that allows also to import EXS24 instruments from Logic Pro per example. For making directly music with the app, it includes also several good sound sampled-instruments to downloading for free for the Lyra Sampler. 

The latest version of this music app is currently 50% OFF and for the current asking price, it’s brilliant to have if you don’t have yet a pro DAW on iOS. On top, you receive two amazing top notch synthesizers for free from FabFilter which worth alone the price of this app. 

Available here: Auria Pro 50% OFF

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