Using Eurorack Modular Synthesizers With Software Effects

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Before two years, Chris from Audio Damage released an excellent Eurorack module with the name Odio that features a complete audio interface that allows to work with iPads or even your plugins inside your DAW. I’m a hybrid experimental musician and I love to combine hardware and software products together. The Odio was for me a quite intelligent product because it made the perfect bridge between the great eurorack world with all this crazy modules and the big endless plugin and app market.

Back in 2015, I released several videos where I used this module to show how easy you can use the iPad or VST plugins in combinations with Eurorack Synthesizers. Unfortunately, Audio Damage discontinued this module which shows that people don’t have that hybrid thinking like me. I found today in my archive a video that I produced back in 2015 but not released yet. I used in this video, the UVI Relayer Delay effect plugin in combination with my small Eurorack synth to create some experimental sounds. 

Available here: UVI Relayer

Check out the video here:

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