Fractional Gate Length & Patch Preview Support In The Novation Circuit 1.5 Update

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After the official release of the Circuit, Novation updated this groove machine in regular stages with new important and excellent features. One of the biggest news was the ability to play custom samples on the Circuit which transform this device in a new instrument. Today, Novation announced the firmware update 1.5 with fractional gate length and patch preview support that improves a lot the playability of this device. 


To unlock the latest functionality of your Circuit, you’ll need to update your unit with the latest Firmware. Circuit v.1.5 will transform your unit, packed with improved features to supercharge your groovebox.
Improved gate functionality

The improved gate functionality makes it a great choice as a sequencer to drive a modular system, as well as it having two inbuilt synth engines (six-voice), and a sampler built-in.

Synth Patch Preview

Synth Patch Preview means that anyone can listen to synth patches directly from the selection view: poly patches play the root, third and fifth notes of the current scale and key, while mono patches play the root note

MIDI CC Send and Receive 

Circuit 1.5 also features MIDI CC Send and Receive, which means MIDI CC data can be turned on or off to prevent any unwanted parameter changes. Circuit Mono Station also comes with MIDI CC Send and Receive so you can choose what MIDI information you want to share between both devices.

More informations here: Novation Circuit Firmware Update 1.5

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