ArcSyn Synthesizer By SPC Plugins Updated To v1.7.4

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SPC Plugins, a very small company for audio plugins, released this week a new update for the ArcSyn Synthesizer. ArcSyn is at the first look a very standard virtual analog Synthesizer but when you check it deeper, it can do far more interesting things than other insruments. It allows per example to use virtual analog waveforms as well as digital waveforms. On top, all waveforms comes with custom parameters to tweak which gives you instant new sound timbres. 

The ArcSyn will become more specific and different if you check the bottom area of the synth. Most of classic Synthesizers included some standard LFO’s and evelopes for the filter and amp. For this plugin it’s quite different and this make it so powerful. ArcSyn includes 8 freely drawable LFO’s. This means, you can your own very standard or crazy shapes LFO shapes. This enables musicians to create extremely different sounding sounds. 

Even if the GUI is very distinct, ArcSyn is a very powerful and different kind of virtual Synthesizer for PC and Mac which you can’t miss if you love synth plugins. 

ArcSyn is a synthesizer instrument plug-in based on typical analogue synthesizer architecture, i.e., a “virtual analogue” synthesizer. Unlike many virtual analogues, it doesn’t try and emulate a particular ‘real’ synthesizer, nor does it use 90% of your computer’s CPU time to emulate a filter which can be cloned on a 2″ (5 cm) square PCB with $5 worth of components 🙂

Instead, it takes the “road less well travelled” and explores some unusual avenues of analogue (and digital) synthesis—the sort of capabilities you might find on a well-stocked modular synthesizer, including: unusual waveforms, dividers, logic functions, frequency shifters and so on. ArcSyn also introduces the concept of LFO wave sequencing, allowing extremely complex modulation patterns.

New in ArcSyn v.1.7.4
  • Fixed bug in some oscillator SYNC waves in RESET mode.
  • Fixed bug in TUNED NOISE waveform.
  • Several improvements to the program browser menu, including a CLOSE button, better selection contrast and easier navigation.

More informations here: ArcSyn Synthesizer

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