Exciting News from Elastic Drums! Will Elastic Drums go intergalactic soon?

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We got exiting news from Elastic Drums. Read below for more informations about it. For this special moment, the developer announced also a special sale until 5th of April where you can save 50% on this great app.

Available here: Elastic Drums (11.99$ → 5.99$) 

Will Elastic Drums go intergalactic soon? We are totally excited after a phone call from NASA!!!

In 2015, at Apples’ Developer conference in Berlin, I had a long and interesting chat with a guy working for the health industry. We exchanged contacts and the guy soon became a regular user and fan of Elastic Drums. Yesterday I surprisingly got an email and a phone call from this guy, telling me that he is now working for the NASA in a leading position of their Human Health and Performance section (https://www.nasa.gov/hhp/index.html). 

He told me that they are in contact with Apple for a research study, where they want to test the benefits of using iPads in long-term space missions. The research study is meant to prepare and accompany long-term missions, like to the International Space Station (ISS) or later spaceship expeditions to Mars even, where „music apps might help to reduce negative effects of long-term space missions“. He said, the complexity of Elastic Drums could help Astronauts to keep their cognitive abilities in shape, fight boredom and space sickness, and beats created with Elastic Drums could also be used in the Astronauts’ health and fitness training. With the help of Ableton Link (and similar other equipped music apps) the Astronauts could make music together even and therefore improve social cohesion to reduce conflicts that might come up in long-term space missions. 

I was asked to create another version of Elastic Drums and incorporate Apples HealthKit into Elastic Drums, to examine the benefits of the app for Astronauts’ health and fitness condition. AND I was invited to the Nasa Astronauts training camp, to demonstrate Elastic Drums and have a first jam with the Astronauts in a zero gravity chamber to „examine the pitfalls of mobile music with touch devices under the conditions of zero gravity“.

Available here: Elastic Drums (11.99$ → 5.99$) 

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