It’s 303 Day: Ruismaker Troublemaker Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad 50% OFF

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It’s the 303 day and Ruismaker launched a one day sale on his latest 303 oriented Synthesizer app Troublemaker. Only today, you can buy this amazing IOS Synthesizer with AUv3 support with a generous 50% OFF discount. 

Features of Troublemaker 

This is not a 303. The legendary TB-303 has magical properties; it is filled to the brim with analog shimmer. Its output jack is a gateway to a parallel universe and when you twiddle the filter knobs an army of highly trained pixies chisel the square waves from freshly harvested unicorn souls. So if you want a TB-303, you should buy a TB-303. But if you’re after *that sound* Troublemaker will give you everything you need in spades.

Troublemaker sports a carefully crafted diode filter emulation and among the available oscillators are the typical raspy, nasal sawtooth and rubbery squarewave with its oddball shape and shifting pulsewidth. It also has the wow.

Troublemaker is fully Audio Unit (AUv3) compatible, so you can go wild running multiple instances in your favorite DAWs. 

It also has:

  • Ableton Link synchronization, 
  • MIDI CC controllers for all knobs, 
  • Core Midi, Virtual Midi, Bluetooth Midi input, 
  • MIDI Clock Sync, MIDI Start / Stop support
  • Realtime Mutation Probability Engine
  • Standalone sequencer supports 1-64 steps
  • Audiobus support 
  • Exports MID and WAV files from the standalone sequencer
  • User manual and MIDI charts on

And unlike the TB-303, it can actually sound like a bass guitar 😉

Available here: Ruismaker Troublemaker Synthesizer (9.99$ → 4.99$) 

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