INSIDE: U-HE – A new documentary by Telekom Electronic Beats

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Electronic Beats just released an excellent new short documentary about the company U-HE. They give us a great overview of the company and the main philosophy behind this Berlin based Synth company. One of the key statements which I’m happy to hear is that they take the time to release stuff and don’t stress to release a product asap. For me personal, this is the right mentality because we can find a lot of VST developers on the market but only few which have the skills to produce such a high quality. 

The documentary gives us also some informations about upcoming and future new products. A lot users asked the company to release an update of the RePro with polyphonic support. If you watch the video, we get the information that a polyphonic version is coming in this year. Also there are also informations that Zebra 3 is in the works but no estimated release for it. They promised in the KVR Audio forum that they will release also a better and modern GUI for Zebra 2. If I interpret the video pictures currently, the new GUI is also in the works.

At the end of the documentary, they announced also that they work on a new Synthesizer with the name “The Cat”. We don’t have yet any informations about this new plugin but you can spot this instrument in their synth kitchen.I inserted two pictures of this synth. I’m a big fan of this company and I’m looking forward to see what is coming. 

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