Sugar Bytes IOS Christmas Sale 2016 – Save Up To 50%

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Sugar Bytes launched their Christmas Sale 2016 for their IOS Apps. For limited time, you can save up to 50% on their actual app catalogue.

Turnado (Multi-Effects Processor) (19.99$ → 9.99$) 

Egoist (Groove Instrument) (29.99$ → 14.99$) 

Thesys (Midi Sequencer) (14.99$ → 9.99$) 

WOW Filterbox (Filter Workstation) (14.99$ → 9.99$)

Effectrix (Multi-Effect Sequencer) (17.99$ → 9.99$) 

Cyclop iPad Edition (Synthesizer) (24.99$ → 14.99$) 


  1. I suggest that you list apps with the app name first and always the same format ,
    for example; Superior App by Best developer
    It makes it easier. I sometimes get confused if I don’t recognize the company name. My brain sometimes will think the dev is the app name, depending on the name. Of course it’s no huge issue but details are details.
    Is there a way to change the sort, like by app name or Dev name or last update date or original release date. If not, it would be cool, especially with multiple sort columns.
    Cool site you have. Well organized. Thanks a lot for your effort.

  2. Hi Perry, sorry for the confusing, this is an post from the old website. It’s not updated and not in the new design.
    Cheers Tom

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