Sinevibes released Fraction v.1.3: New Ring Modular Effect and Major Enhancements

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Sinevibes just released Fraction v.1.3 with new features and excellent enhancements. On top, they offer until 10 January 2017 20% OFF discount on their plugins. If you use Mac and interested in crazy plugins than this company suits perfectly to you.

Available here: Sinevibes Fraction

Fraction is an effect plugin for deep real-time manipulation and re-engineering of sound. It features 8 slicers which record and repeat the input audio at defined points in time, slightly or radically changing its rhythmical arrangement. Each slicer has three dedicated effect processors with a wide range of algorithms, and their parameters can be animated in many different ways. Rolls, stutters, fills, breaks and transitions can be done with unprecedented ease – in fact, Fraction has enough power to create whole musical pieces out of almost anything!

New in v.1.3 
  • Added new ring modulator effect algorithm.
  • Vastly optimized idle processing efficiency (up to 4x less load).
  • New, more efficient parameter smoothing algorithm.
  • Multiple minor user interface enhancements, including smoother lines, increased contrast and better visual grouping of related control elements.
  • New, visually lighter and more legible selector design.
  • Increased size of live waveform display.
  • Added “evolve” functions for gradual randomization.
  • Added new command-click and force-click shortcuts. 
  • Added support for two-finger trackpad swipe to switch slice sets.
  • Fixed paste function pasting when copy buffer is empty.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between user interface and parameter interface titles.
  • Added new factory presets.
  • Completely new user manual.

Fraction by Sinevibes – house track in Logic Pro X from Sinevibes on Vimeo.

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