Blind Dog Designs released Shepherd Synthesizer for VST/AU

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After this huge amount already of Black Friday deals, I have also something new for you. A new developer “Blind Dog Designs” released today Shepherd, a new Synthesizer plugin for VST and AU with an interesting unconventional synth structure. The plugin is based on sub-period mixing: instantaneous alternation between waveforms oscillators over shorter than period-length time segments. The GUI looks pretty funny and not to standard. I don’t know how it sounds but I hope I can give you soon an impression about it.

Sound Design is done by Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithZAVOLOKAEdward Rogers, and Container.

  • Two oscillators per voice (plus sub-period mixing), with triangle/saw, square/pulse, and trapezoid/saw continuous waveforms.
  • Seven parameters (five of which are modulatable) dictate sub-period mixing.
  • DADSR, AHDSR (with repeat), IADSR, and ADSR (host-syncable) envelopes simultaneously available.
  • Three LFOs per voice, each with swing.
  • Additional modulation from each oscillator, keyboard tracking, note velocity, random elements, and a unison ladder (with controllable asymmetry).
  • Drag-and-drop allows intuitive chaining, bypassing, and reordering of modulation assignments.
  • Visual elements generated dynamically for modulation assignments allow single-level GUI layout with no menus/pages.
Available here: Shepherd Synthesizer

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