Spectrasonics introduced Keyscape

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For many days, people hyped in the social media channels and forums over the world, the upcoming new release from Spectrasonics Software developer. This comes from the fact that many people are very happy Omnisphere 2 user which offers such a brillant sound quality not see in another plugin. This hype is coming because the company doesn’t tell us what kind of product is coming and they tell us that this product is since 10 days in the making. Some users estimated an hardware controller or the next best sampler plugin – Kontakt 5 Killer. 

The revelation was yesterday evening in Los Angeles and they introduced a new plugin based on an extensive sampling of old Keyboards. Wait, so much hype for another Keyboard Library. For me personal, it was a disappointment because we know all what Spectrasonics can develop. Omnisphere 2 and Trillian are wonderful examples of brillant developed plugins. I’m pretty sure many keyboard player will love this plugin because they want the best authentic sound under their midi controller. For me, the release is nothing negative but a disappointment to see another Keyboard Library since we have hundreds of different sample libraries from well known companies. (Native Instruments …) I’m pretty sure the sound quality is brillant but I don’t have a relationship to this kind of products. Sorry Spectrasonics…

KEYSCAPE™ is an extraordinary new virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. Ten years in the making, each of these rare, sought-after keyboards were carefully restored and then deeply multisampled by the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Development Team. These compelling and highly expressive sounds will inspire you to PLAY!
The process began with going to the ends of the earth to find and restore each one of these rare and incredibly special instruments with the top technicians and expert craftsmen from each discipline. We even went as far as spending years redoing these instruments from scratch again and again until they were totally “right.”
This incredible attention to detail and meticulous care given to each instrument allowed us to develop these sounds to a whole new level of authentic tone and inspiring playability…and of course that’s just the start of how these instruments can be transformed into amazing new sounds with the STEAM Engine™!

Nonetheless, here are the features of the new Spectrasonics Keyscape available 12 of September.

  • Huge 77 GB library with over 500 sounds, 36 Instrument Models and Hybrid “Duo” Patches.
  • Deeply Multisampled sounds with up to 32-way velocity switching, Round Robins, etc.
  • Mechanical Noise, Pedal Noise and Release Noise behavior modeling.
  • Patches feature authentic circuit modeled amps and effects.
  • Optional “Lite” installation (30 GB) for stage use.
  • Omnisphere® 2 integration.
More Informations here: Spectrasonics Keyscape

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