Keeley Electronics Dark Side – A Pink Floyd Multi Effect

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I know this is not Synthesizer related but the sound of this new multi effects processor is stunning. One of the bands which coins my entire life what kind of music I love, was Pink Floyd and this machine really emulates this perfectly. I think at the moment of the hearing of this new product how it could sound with our analog or digital Synthesizers. Check out the video here.

Dark Side

You can behold the universe in a glass of wine.

We should all be so lucky as to be identified by the sound of a single note.  Some players are so well defined that their entire musical journey can be heard in a single note they play. Tone is in the fingers.  Tone is in the mind.  Effects can be a great way of expressing emotions or creating textures.  The Dark Side is about creating and adding different tones to your symphony.  It’s in your tone.  It’s about your tone.  It’s above your tone.  It’s metasymphonic.  It’s the things you can’t create with your fingers or mind.  All the textures that define an essence; in one pedal.

More Informations here: Dark Side

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  1. I have it on order and it should be here by October, gonna run my synths through it and can't wait to hear what happens! I like you am stoked for this effects unit for the same reasons :-DDD Will post my results here

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