Tone2 Icarus Synthesizer Public Beta Update

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Tone2 released an update for the public Beta Team. Icarus Synthesizer comes now with several new features and improvements.

Icarus Public Beta 3 Changes and Improvements:

  • New features:
    • Added new patches.
    • New Resynthesis mode “Easy create patch: Resynthesis + PingPong Loop 100%”.
    • New Resynthesis mode “Easy create patch: Resynthesis + PingPong Loop 50%”.
    • New Resynthesis mode “Easy create patch: Resynthesis + Repeating Loop”.
    • Some additional effect templates.
    • Tool->Copy current FX to FX1/2/3.
    • Tool->Swap FX1/2/3 and FX1/2/3.
    • Next to the matrix semitones now can also be accessed with ‘Unison Mode->Semi’.
    • Next to the matrix pitch now can also be accessed with ‘Unison Mode->Pitch’
  • Enhancements:
    • Reworked all factory patches.
    • Enhanced the design of diodes.
    • Selected tabs are now blue instead of dark.
    • Osciallators, which are switched to off are greyed out.
    • Enhanced interpolation to reduce crackles with modhweel, pitchwheel and aftertouch.
    • Replaced Flanger und Stereo Flanger with a better one.
    • Slightly enhanced sound of degrader.
    • Added parameter smoothing for osc volume, osc pan and EQ.
    • Templates are sorted to the end of the category list.
    • Slightly enhanced sound of EQ.
    • Matrix slots 1-18 have been renamed to A/B/C 1-6.
    • Prevented a long processing time which happened when a huge wav file was selected.
    • Renamed some morphmodes to make them properly fit to the box.
    • Colors of wavetable editor in second instance now are the same as the first one
  • Bug fixes:
    • Several minor fixes.
    • Fixed a small bug in the patch browser.
    • Fixed a bug with midi program changes.
    • Mousewheel has been deactivated for osc1 wavetable selector.
    • Fixed wrong colors on Mac.
More Informations and if you want to purchase it before the release here, check here the official website: Tone2 Icarus 3D Wavetable Synthesizer

My first video about Icarus, you find here:

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