WubSynth by DesignByPaul Review and Video Demo

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WubSynth by DesignByPaul is a specially designed Synthesizer for Wobble sounds. With this synth, you can only create dubstep like sounds. Here is a screenshot of the graphical user interface.

It’s not a secret that this synthesizer is limited in the sound design possibilities. The developer describe it as: “WubSynth is designed specifically for making dubstep and EDM lead bass”. Coming now to my experience with the app. I was happy to see that the developer take our opinion seriously and make an update available with AudioBus and Inter-App-Audio support. 

The synthesis part is build with two oscillator and they sound very dirty and raw. This signal goes directly to a filter module with a modulation option. This is the key part of this Synthesizer. The modulation part gives you the possibilities to add this wobble feeling to the sound. To receive the full power of the modulation, you have also an attack/decay and a tempo knob. Additional you have on the right page a big slider for adjusting the speed of the wobble. If you need a slow wobble sound, you put the slight more on the top and quicker more to the bottom. 
Personally, I must say here the Synth is nice for this kind of music. If you want to make other stuff with it, you are absolutely wrong with this app. The effects of this app gives your sound a much better sound aspect. I love the distortion and bit-crusher effects in this app. You ask why. It’s easy: a wobble sound is something not very clean in his structure and the effects makes a perfect relation to the basic sound. I must say that the app has some negative points and hope the developer can do something for making it better. Also some improvements and features I would love to see in this app:

– a perfect sound for wobble style synthesis 
– good sounding effects
– easy to use for all users 
– oscillators looks easy but can be very versatile – PW is here great 
Preset browser 
– Attack/decay knob is limited for sound shaping 
– Only LP for modulation 

Feature requests 
This synth is perfect for an IOS AU Version because the GUI is just fine for it (one page design with big knobs) 
– Ableton Link for the tempo 
– Future effects 

WubSynth by DesignByPaul is an easy-to-use Wobble Synthesizer for iPad, offers a good sound, a very fair price and has some negative points which can be improved by the developer. I hope the developer will work on it and than I would say that this is a pretty nice and cool Synthesizer with a unique sound orientation: wobble wobble 😉 

WubSynth by DesignByPaul is available here:

Here is my video about WubSynth by DesignByPaul. It’s only a short video showing you how it sounds. There is no musically element inside, it’s only a freedom play for demonstrating how it sounds and how you can change the sounds.

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